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Healthcare Software Solutions & Services for Revenue Cycle Management

Valetude Healthcare Software Solutions & Services for Revenue Cycle Management

About Valetude

Valetude, LLC has been providing software and services for healthcare revenue cycle initiatives since early 2007. During this period, we have grown to service over 50 systems for a dozen regional networks covering over 150 hospital providers and managing data for upwards of 65 million accounts.

We are a software and services company located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, with expertise in healthcare billing, managed care contracts, Medicare, Medicaid, data management, web-based software, data security, and business systems design and analysis. Our team is committed to providing high quality service while working hand in hand with our clients to develop new ways to improve their business.

why valetude

One Platform - Multiple Revenue Cycle Solutions

Valetude software combines a full suite of revenue cycle software with a self-service data analytics platform, leveraging consolidated patient data to drive multiple revenue cycle projects in parallel

Consolidated patient records

Data Management

Gain strategic insight into your organization using analysis tools to query, roll-up, and drill-down into your data

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Data mining applications

Revenue Cycle Initiatives

One workflow process engine to centrally drive charge capture, HIM coding and payment variance

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Contract Management

Calculate expected reimbursement by modeling your commercial and government payer contracts, and use the results to drive revenue cycle projects

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Additional Services

Propel additional revenue cycle projects including: charge master pricing strategy and denial management, POS collections and Blue Cross Experience Report (Illinois only)



Our software is always evolving and improving. We work hand in hand with clients to remain current with marketplace trends and use our data management expertise and software to continuously improve the business process, provide cost savings and explore new ways to increase revenue.

Our staff consists of people with in depth knowledge of healthcare billing, government and managed care contracts, data management and software. Support staff is someone you will know by name and who will be familiar with all the small things that make your organization unique.

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